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What's the Story with the Comic?

The response to the Underdogg movement (saving dogs, by selling customized underwear, and donating a substantial portion of the profit to dog-saving organizations ) has been literally overwhelming. Thank you for your participation on our Facebook page, The enthusiasm is contagious.

Why a comic? Well if you saw our first big post, it was of the comic seen on this page (in the frame). We originally only drew it as a holdover while we finish the roll-out of our apparel designs and website. But instantly, thousands of dog-lovers (maybe you are one of them) on Facebook let us know how much they love them, and wanted to see more.


So we had an idea —and you're on the idea page as you read this! While we're finishing up our online store, getting underwear and a ton of other products (like scarves, socks, clothing, tote bags) listed, we want to give two lucky winners the gift of comedy, and of a one-of-a-kind memory.

We'll custom-create a comic with your dog and him in a funny situation, frame it, and ship it to you.

There's a twist. If you win, if someone referred you here, they win too! So you have many ways to win!